Wednesday, 21 March 2012

^My Dress


- Did you say you went to your prom?
- Yeah, sure.

- Was it terrible?
- It was the worst.

But it's supposed to be.
But you have to go, right?

You don't have to.
I mean, it's not a requirement.
A girlfriend of mine didn't go to hers.
Once in a while she gets a terrible
feeling, like something is missing.
She checks her purse and her keys,
she counts her kids, she goes crazy.
And then she realises that...
nothing is missing.
She decided it was side effects 
from skipping the prom.
I don't know. Part of me says
just go and get it over with,
and this other part says it's a stupid
tradition and what's the point?

Well, you know...
You could say that life itself
is a stupid tradition.
Don't analyse it. Just go.

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